New 40 Pack Margarita Glitter Nail Caps

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Product Description

Introducing our newest concoction

Margarita Glitter

This is a translucent lime green cap infused with sparkling gold glitter

As a special get a 40PK of cat nail caps for only $11.99 for a limited time


40 Nail Caps

2 Regular adhesives with applicator tips

1 No mess gel adhesive (exclusive to Purrdy Paws)


Purrdy Paws are an excellent alternative to declawing. Purrdy Paws are soft vinyl nail caps that are designed by a veterinarian to exactly fit your dog or cat’s nail.

Purrdy Paws soft nail caps are easy to apply and both pets and owners love them. They are completely safe and humane and can be used on pets of all ages.

Purrdy Paws soft nail caps are easy to apply and most pets tolerate them extremely well. Each application will usually last 4-6 weeks, then will come off when your pet naturally sheds there sheath (the shell of the nail).

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