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About Us

In 2010 Purrdy Paws was founded to provide pet owners with a humane alternative to declawing.

Our cat had destroyed a couch.  We felt the same way many pet owners feel – we love our kitty but we were frustrated and wanted to prevent accidents.

We identified a Veterinarian developed humane solution; nail caps. Our cat loved the caps, he looked great, and we never had another furniture or people scratching incident !

Purrdy Paws was than launched with the best quality materials, under specific manufacturing standards, offering the world’s largest combination of colors and sizes.

Purrdy Paws has continued to develop and expand, fueled by our expertise and passion. We operate with a people & pet first attitude. Purrdy Paws are utilized by over 100 thousand people in more than 80 countries. We are part of the lives of schools, businesses, artists, film studios, sports stars, charities, moms, dads, kids, kittens, and puppies!