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Enhance the Relationship You have with Your Kitty with Purddy Paws

Enhance the Relationship You have with Your Kitty with Purddy Paws

Posted by Purrdy Paws on Jan 7th 2018

Does you cat scratch your favorite furniture, carpet, or even you?

This is not uncommon!

The first response is usually to yell and get angry. You cat does not understand that their naturally ingrained tendencies might be a cause for frustration with you. Purrdy Paws has a solution! Using Purrdy Paws nail caps on your kitty will effectively blunt their nails.

They can scratch as usual; however, no damage will incur!

No more needing to worry about your sofa being ruined, your carpet being torn up, or you and your family being injured unintentionally.

If you are intimidated by using Purrdy Paws - don’t be.

Purrdy Paws soft nail caps for cats and kittens are very easy to apply and only take 3 steps.

  1. Trim your pet’s nails. Be careful to avoid the quick. That is the pink area of your pet's nail closest to the base. Cutting too close to the quick can result in bleeding and pain (Kitten claws DO NOT need to be trimmed before applying).
  2. Fill the cap with an adhesive 1/3rd full. Be careful not to overfill the nail cap. Doing this can cause excessive adhesive to get onto your pet's skin which can cause irritation.
  3. Slide the cap onto the nail & observe your pet for five minutes to make sure that they do not pick at the nail caps before the glue has dried, and you are done!

Once the nail caps are applied they remain in place for approximately 4-6 weeks. They will fall off with the natural growth of your cat's nails. Check your cat's nails periodically because usually just one or two fall off at a time and these can be easily reapplied.

Your cat can not help their natural scratching tendencies and with Purrdy Paws they don’t need too. Purrdy Paws nail caps will also let you keep a positive state of mind knowing your kitty is enjoying themselves attacking your couch while no actual damage is being done.

Have the best relationship with your cat that you can.

Purrdy Paws is here to help!