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How to Prevent Purrdy Paws Nail Caps from Falling off my Pet?

How to Prevent Purrdy Paws Nail Caps from Falling off my Pet?

Posted by Purrdy Paws on Jan 7th 2018

If you have never used Purrdy Paws before you may be wondering how they will stay on your pets nails or how long they last. This is a very common question that we receive. We will cover this and ways to ensure you get the most out of your Purrdy Paws for both you and your pet.

Choose the correct size.

You will find your pet’s correct size by using our sizing guidelines for both cats and dogs. By choosing the proper size you will prevent Purrdy Paws from falling off prematurely.

The key is to choose a size that fits snugly, like a glove. If the cap is too large the adhesive bond will not set correctly and the nail cap can fall off. The cap should fit to the base of the nail without making contact with your pet’s skin. Purrdy Paws can be trimmed if necessary to ensure a proper fit.

Please reference our size guide or contact us if you need any help with sizes.

Use the correct amount of adhesive.

Each nail cap should be filled 1/3 full with the included adhesive. Too much adhesive can cause an overflow when applying the nail cap which could result in the adhesive possibly coming in contact with your pet’s skin or hair. Too little adhesive and the nail cap can fall off prematurely.

Always ensure the correct amount of adhesive is used in the nail cap before you attempt to apply them.

In the case that you do use too much adhesive and some adheres to your pet’s skin or hair then you should attempt to remove it. Use warm soapy water with a clean rag to remove the excess adhesive.

We have a reference for application which can be found here for your convenience.

Will your pet chew the nail caps off?

Some pets will bite or chew at the nail caps especially the first time you apply them. This is natural and usually only lasts a short time until they get comfortable wearing them. There are several steps that can be taken to speed up this acclimation process.

If you are having any difficulty with fidgety kitties, we would recommend grooming bags which will safely secure your cat while applying the caps.

Ensure the cap is not coming into contact without your pet’s skin. This can cause irritation and your pet may chew on the nail cap to alleviate any irritation. If you find that the caps are touching your pet’s skin and it is causing irritation then you may want to remove them before they are naturally shed. To do this trim the tip of the nail cap and then gently roll the cap back and fourth with your fingers. This will help break the bond and the nail cap should fall off shortly on its own.

Keep your pet distracted. The adjustment period of getting used to the nail caps for the first time usually only lasts a few minutes. During this time try playing with them or feeding them their favorite snacks. This stimulus can also help them associate the application process with them receiving a treat.

Check the nail caps after applying periodically. Purrdy Paws will last 4-6 weeks on a newly shed nail. However there is no way to tell exactly when your pet last shed. You want to replace the shed nail caps as soon as possible to help them stay accustomed to wearing them.

With a little practice and patience applying Purrdy Paws will become second nature. Your floors, curtains, furniture, and body will thank you!