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Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps 100% Made in the USA

Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps 100% Made in the USA

Posted by Purrdy Paws on Sep 16th 2020

One of the most common questions asked of Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps is "Where are they made?"

The answer to this is right here in the USA, in the Buckeye State Ohio !

PurrdyPaws is a family and friends business.  Each of us a pet owner and animal enthusiast.  We use Purrdy Paws on our own fur babies, and you can expect the same passion and dedication for your own four legged family members :)

The majority of pet supply companies, and especially nail cap companies, outsource manufacturing through China - and they don't even disclose this.  Purrdy Paws manufactures all of our nail caps in house and in small batches.  We also purchase the raw materials entirely through other local American companies, and personally have visited each of these companies to ensure they too are employing the highest standards.

Why is this important?

Higher Labor Standards

Many of the foreign countries that are popular for manufacturing cheap goods have no guarantee for worker's rights. Purrdy Paws manufacturing processes are held to the highest labor standards and we have never had an accident in over 10 years of operations. When you purchase a Purrdy Paws Made in USA product you won't be contributing to child labor, slavery, trafficking, or dangerous working conditions abroad.

Better Quality Products

Did you know that 60% of Chinese consumers prefer products that are Made in USA? Not only that, but they are also willing to pay more for them. Purrdy Paws Made in America is associated with better quality, for good reason. Products manufactured here are built with higher quality components, which increases the longevity of products. Made in USA is built to last.

Healthier Environment

Purrdy Paws exceeds federal and state environmental regulations. When you Buy Purrdy Paws, you know that you're helping to keep the world a little cleaner for future generations.

Fair Labor

Many countries have no minimum wage restrictions. When you choose Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps for cats and dogs, made in the USA, you contribute to the payment of an honest day's wages for an honest day's work.

Support our Economy

In 2018, the U.S. had a $621 BILLION world trade deficit. This means we as a nation are buying a lot more products than other countries are buying from us. Doesn't seem right, does it? Buying Purrdy Paws increases the demand for Made in USA products and lowers foreign dependency.

Safer Products

Many of the countries used to produce cheap goods have much lower product safety standards than when manufacturers are held to in the U.S. For example, chemical coloring of foreign made nail caps can be toxic to pets. When you buy Purrdy Paws products, you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your pets.

Thank you for supporting Purrdy Paws and our continuing pledge to offer the best and safest pet supplies for your cats and dogs !